We here at Extreme-SEO offer various types of content writing for online, as well as offline marketing collaterals and they, are as follows:

  1. Creative Copywriting: Creative copywriting is not all about writing sales copies about a particular brand, product, or service. It is the art of sales persuasion, by combining words with endless persuasion to divert consumers.
  2. Branded Content: It is part of promotional and part editorial content. This type of content can be used by businesses to promote their products in a highly engaging and sharable manner. You publish and your audience will promote it, just because of its sheer usefulness.
  3. Curated Content: Curated content is a definitive mix of copywriting and authority content. This type of content not only oozes in-depth research but adds an authoritarian fix to your articles by at least quoting 2-4 excerpts from authority sources encompassing your niche. 
  4. Product Reviews: Product reviews don’t only refer to products, services, movies, restaurants, books, etc, they can be written for anything that has existence. Highly convincing and gripping product reviews will captivate the attention of your target audience.
    Authority Articles: Articles will be written by our Authority writers who have a firm grasp on the subject matter of your niche. If you are looking for content that has an authoritarian feel to it, these articles will best suit your needs.
  5. Press Release: The written record that is meant for media members when you have to announce something important about your business can be done through a Press Release. An effective PR helps your business get favorable media attention and maximizes your public presence.
  6. Blog Writing: Having a blog for your website will attract a steady flow of visitors, which in turn will help you find customers. For a business, it is crucial in today’s time to maintain a blog as it helps you build credibility, brand yourself better, and help you communicate with your customers. Blog writing services can be availed for blog automation purposes as well.