Sure. We organize SEO Workshops in which we teach present and future webmasters the essentials of building online links and maintaining quality along with detailed strategies. However, here are some examples of what our SEO Workshops will talk about in more depth.

Links are the pathways from one website to another, often used by Search Engines as ranking signals to evaluate the rank of a website in SERP.

Here are a few of our Link Acquisition strategies:

  • This one is our favorite – If you already have a steady partner-base or people who love working with you, then you can play the cards to your advantage here just like Google does it. Send then good-looking graphics icons, which they will happily use on their website to link back to your site.

  • Blogs and Information technology – This is one of the most popular ways of link building, and you must be well aware of it. However, for those who do not know what blogging is – it is a type of content and link acquisition strategy where you maintain a content forum (blog) which delivers useful information and insights in your niche to your customers. You can also participate in conversations and discussions in other blogs, and once you develop a good reputation, they will let you put your link in the comments and at times, they will link back to you.

  • Making Viral Content – You must have come across some very “click-worthy” links while you are browsing the Internet or using the Social Media Websites. This is that content that attracts people and is so good that people love to share and read such content over and again. Each viral content will have useful aspects, information dissection, humor and these three combined will create something so powerful that it is bound to be shared (Will go viral).

  • Make Yourself Worth News platforms – This is no easy way to link building, but then, nothing in this world comes cheap (at least nothing good). You have to build you online reputation and take it to that extent where you will earn the attention of the bloggers and press. It is effective but requires time to establish.

Major search engines have already cut down on the power of bought links as ranking signals for a website. No matter how strict they might get, they are still bots, and it is easy to bypass them without being detected, indulging in link buying activities for short term results will only get your website till the next algorithmic update. Soon the Search Engines will discover new tactics and might penalize your website to such an extent that it will not be visible in the first 10 pages of Google.