It is a common misconception amongst webmasters that Social Media Branding and Social Media Optimization is the same thing. But, we say that there is a fine line between these two. The former refers to building an unbreakable bond with your target customers while the latter is all about setting the business up for the Social Media Networks.

Social Media Branding goes beyond the nitty-gritty’s of profile pictures and cover photos or advertisements, it refers to the building of a brand’s online presence in the Social Media Networks. Social Media Branding Strategies will involve ideation, brand architecture, brand personification, content marketing, web development and design.

Social Media Optimization refers to the entry of a business in the Social Media realm. It not only helps build a brands image, but it also increases the reach of a business and opens the door to a new world of potential clients. Social Media Optimization encompasses the upkeep and customization of all your Social Profiles including the likes of, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, Pintrest, Instagram, etc.