Yes! We use drip feed methods wherever required. For those people who do not know what drip-feeding is, here is a short explanation:

Even though backlinks have lost their weight as ranking signals, they are still very powerful means of getting noticed by search engines. The more authority and quality backlinks you have, the better it will be for your website, but there are a few other factors, which determine the value of the link (apart from the source of the link)

Google has been revoking its guidelines since the past few years, trying to get them as close to perfection as possible. Building backlinks and gaining internet fame is not like it used to be 2 years ago, you simply cannot throw (n) number of quality backlinks at your target page in a day and expect to rank in search engines. You have to use drip-feeding.

Google is constantly keeping a check on all websites and their ways of acquiring links. Apart from the ways of acquiring links and their integrity, it also sees the pattern of incoming links and their velocity. Google prefers websites, which get links naturally than those websites, which post link – after – link – after – link to be noticed.

Drip-feeding method involves slow buildup of links instead of bulk (50-100 at the same time). Google loves quality and natural links, and these types of links can only come up over time.