If you have been a part of social media websites, you must have clearly noticed that asking for votes is a common trend in such websites. So yes, you can ask for votes, but always keep in mind that Social Media is a free platform where people can give their opinion and do things the way they want to, nothing can be imposed on them. Therefore, you should maintain certain etiquette when you ask for votes. If you have a give and take mentality, asking for a vote is fine. Only approach those people who are in your connection, don’t coax people for votes who you do not know personally – If they like your content, they will vote for it themselves. Don’t coerce anyone more than the saturation point, remember, there is a limit to everything. Make sure you ask for votes on something, which is worth voting for. Don’t ask votes for meaningless posts. If you can follow these set guidelines, it is okay to ask for votes.