Since keywords describe the theme on your page, it is extremely important that they be chosen carefully. Keywords (KW) are two kinds: Short-tail KW and Long-tail KW. Short-tail KW is short. Therefore, they bring more traffic to your page. Long-tail KW is long, precise and thus, less popular. But if a visitor’s choice perfectly matches the long-tail KW, the site gets a new client. Also, the conversion rate of a long-tail KW is higher than a short-tail KW.

Keyword research and a thorough market analysis are essential for bringing more results to a page. The power of an effective keyword decides the richness of the content. But consecutively, overloading a page with keywords is not advisable as it is a serious turn-off for a reader. Setting your preferences, choosing valuable yet uncompetitive word helps in targeting the right audience. Also to help your page achieve high rank in search engines, highlight the keyword.