No! It is not important to register websites with foreign extensions and in fact, we strongly advise against doing the same. This might contradict the belief of many SEOs and webmasters, but no foreign search engine gives priority to a website based on its extension. For example, what would happen to those foreign webmasters who prefer to have a .com or .net extension to their websites? The consequences involved if a foreign search engine gives rank based on the extension of a website are much grave than they seem to appear.

There are countries with diverse languages, if there were to rank websites on the basis of their extension, it would be nearly impossible to discriminate between those languages which are used over various locations. To add to that, if a person was able to register for foreign extensions then it would be a misleading endeavor to the locals who would assume that the website had a physical address in their country, which would not be the true case. Thus according to the present local restrictions a company cannot register for a foreign extension till it has a physical address in the prospective country.