It is important to note that an SEO expert in a particular language is not fit to SEO for any other language except for that language (except if he is well-versed in the other language and the search engine guidelines for it). One of the main differences between English and Foreign Algorithms is that “link popularity” – which is a very strong signal in the English Guidelines, is not even included as a ranking signal in any other language, especially for those languages that have a low keyword density factor. Asian search engines consider the total number of characters allowed while German or French search engines have a totally different keyword grant. There are 64 Bit languages and 32 Bit languages; all have their own exclusive ranking factors. Such is the case for SEO of multilingual websites that, if a particular language follows a set of guidelines, another language may have a completely different set of guidelines that does not remotely resemble the former language.

This is the reason Extreme-SEO only hires native search engine experts, whose job is to stay well-versed with the ever changing guidelines of their search engines. Working with native speakers who are updated with the search engine guidelines ensures a smooth process. These SEOs work in full cooperation with our copywriters and translators. The optimization of multilingual pages goes well beyond the scope of traditional translation of content, anchor text and Meta tags. The knowledge of a native SEO expert is an irreplaceable asset for such precision driven projects.