Yes! One “foreign entry” page is sufficient for content relevancy, but most webmasters and SEO companies have this common disbelief that, this is not the case. According to Extreme-SEO, if you have one foreign entry page you are eligible for a top ranking in foreign search engine. In theory and practice, English is considered the mother of all databases. It is a commonly known fact that websites are ranked in English on the basis of their link popularity and keyword focused content relevancy. When a multilingual page is made a part of an English website then its ranking is calculated in a different pattern.

Let’s take for example; we upload a French webpage in Then this French webpage would completely benefit from the ranking signal which has already been established in Google through In lay man’s term, a foreign entry page should only be considered as an entry page into an English Website. But, if the same page was placed on a URL of its own, it would not have any standing in the search engines. To be precise, a website with just a single page in a translated language would be considered as lacking in terms of content volume by search engines to even index it.

Let us talk about the opposite scenario for example – We will take a German website and add a single English Entry page to it. The English page would not rank is it does not comply with the English guidelines, but if a German page was added to an English website, it would retain the rank of the English website and its eligibility if it follows the guidelines that are relevant to German optimization.